We are able to accommodate riders from the age of four years and upwards, with a wide range of physical disabilities, learning difficulties and behavioural challenges. The sessions are run as half hour group lessons which include dressage and games in the school or hacking around Allerthorpe Woods.  Riders can be supported by a leader and up to two side-walkers who, together with the instructor, aim to maximise the benefit of each lesson. Some of our riders are able to ride independently and we have a range of equipment that is available to help each client make the most of their ridden session. An initial session with a physiotherapist may be required in some cases. We are not currently able to offer show jumping


Please be aware that we are currently working at full capacity with our riding sessions. We are hoping to expand our provision in the future, but at the moment we operate a waiting list with places offered when a place in a session with a suitable pony becomes available.

To enquire about riding or carriage driving with the group, email us at eborvalerda@gmail.com or give us a call on 07954 520176

The Benefits of RidingRDA Anna 2014

pilot study of the therapeutic benefits of RDA activities completed in 2013 (http://www.rda.org.uk/assets/PilotReportFinal.pdf) found that within a four month period 80% of RDA riders experienced physical improvement, 82% demonstrated increased communication skills and  90% showed increasing confidence and enjoyment. In addition, riding improves balance, coordination, muscle tone and postural stability (the movement of the rider’s pelvis whilst riding is very similar to the movement range during walking). It builds self-esteem, encourages independence, improves concentration and social skills but more than anything, it is good fun and an opportunity for new experiences and to build new relationships.